Football! Week 12 The Mayne Event hasn’t been watchable since I was 12 Edition

Week 12’s update of the limited vocabulary of the hosts of Sunday NFL Countdown… because I was confused about what kind of ball quarterbacks throw.

Other Highlights:

CC – Rambling about the Bears being in better shape with their current QB situation than the Texan and Broncos…
Keyshawn – But if you take away Matt Forte, what are they going to do…?
CC – Look at the other teams, what are they going to do?

Last I checked, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels still have a pulse and are employed by the Texans.

How are Tom Jackson and Mark Schlereth not thoroughly embarrassed by that Skore It commercial?

Ditka – This is a football team with multiple components, Offense, Defense, Special Teams.
As opposed to those other football teams that can only manage to pay players to play Offense.

Trent Dilfer – Cutler was carrying them on 3rd down. He had 19 first downs on 21 completions (this does not give good context at all).
The Bears are 23rd in the league in 3rd down conversion percentage. That is carrying them in the wrong direction.

Dilfer – Mediocre Quarterbacks land between 6-10 and 10-6.
That is a huge range you got there, Trent. Yet another example of why wins is a stupid statistic for individual play.

Keyshawn definitely just compared Ndamukong Suh to Lindsay Lohan.
And just when I thought the show had sunk to an all time low…

CC – Great analogy, Key.

CC – Houston needs home advantage the most because the Patriots, Ravens and Steelers travel well…
Patriots on road – 3-2
Ravens on road – 2-3
Steelers on road – 3-2
Texans on road – 3-2
Thanks for doing research, CC!


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