Football! Week 11 the Bill Parcells is missing edition

Week 11’s update of the limited vocabulary of the hosts of Sunday NFL Countdown.

Other Highlights:

Seriously, what happened to Bill Parcells? He hasn’t been on the show in like 4 weeks.

Does anyone else notice how similar Donald Driver and Omar from The Wire look alike?

Merril Hoge – if Tebow wins a Super Bowl, it will prove that the quarterback position is the most overrated position in the NFL.
If you didn’t say “football” so much, I’d marry you.

Carter – The Eagles never had Vick’s back.
Has Carter’s head ever caught up to his uber-annoying mouth?

Jackson – Dawkins could have put the Eagle in the defensive backfield.
Not only is this the stupidest thing I’ve heard while watching this terrible show, but Brian Dawkins hasn’t played for the Eagles in 3 years.

In a rare slip by Mort – …finding out how offensive Aaron Murray is.
That would be Demarco Murray, Mort.

Ditka on why he chose the Dolphins to win – Keep in mind, they are not a good “football” team.
Solid analysis, Mike, really.

Ditka on Kolb relaying Eagles calls – Kolb never got to use the plays last year.
Kolb appeared in 19 games as an Eagle, 7 of them last year.

Carter – The Bengals can’t replace Leon Hall’s production.
Two minute later
Carter – My breakout player is Adam Jones.
You know, Adam Jones, Leon Hall’s replacement.


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