Football! Week 10 Bad Football Analysis, Unlike Desean Jackson, Never Sleeps Edition

Week 10’s update on the very limited vocabulary of the hosts of Sunday NFL Countdown.

Other Highlights:

Cris Carter said “we have not seen a team do well after losing the super bowl.”
He is probably referring to the idiotic “Superbowl Curse.” There are 7 teams that are mentioned in connection with the curse. There are 6 teams that are considered exceptions.

Bill Parcells – To get where this team wants to go, which I assume is the Super Bowl…
Quite the stretch there, Bill.

Cris Carter is awarding Cam Newton the Rookie of the Year award, “not for the stats, but for the off the field stuff.”
Meanwhile, Adam Schefter uses quantifiable facts, known as stats, to let Cris know that Andy Dalton is in fact a better candidate.

Graphic: McCoy 5.5 YPC/Tate 5.7 YPC/Murray 6.7 YPC
Berman mentions that Murray’s numbers are based on 3 games, also known as a very small sample size, but Tom Jackson does not care.
“Good numbers, Boom!”

Pick ‘Em Segment:
Ditka – Bengals (over Steelers), their time has come.

Carter – It’s the Cowboy’s (over Bills) time.

Solid analysis all around!


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