Time for some fact checking, Jerry!

Jerry Crasnick thought it would be a good idea to ask MLB GM’s for their opinions on this year’s crop of free agents. Jerry did not, however, think it was a great idea to do some good ol’ fashion fact checkin’.

2. Which free-agent closer, Joe Nathan or Frankie Rodriguez, has a better chance of regaining his former glory?

This is already a terrible question… Frankie Rodriguez hasn’t pitched in the Major Leagues since 2001, so the answer is obviously Joe Nathan. Francisco Rodriguez, the individual pictured in the article is, in fact, a free agent.

Good start.

Responses: Nathan 13, Rodriguez 12. The other three voters were undecided.

Dear GM’s, make a decision. Seriously, this is a harmless poll, you make harder decisions every single day, and yet you remain undecided on this? And, if any of you were astute enough to notice the Frankie Rodriguez thing, then you could have answered this easily. Kudos to me!

Rodriguez, 29, is now three years removed from breaking Bobby Thigpen’s record with 62 saves. His fastball isn’t what it used to be, either, but he’s remained effective while relying more on his secondary stuff. K-Rod throws his changeup and breaking ball about 40 percent of the time now.

Jerry, you are correct! K-Rod does throw his off speed pitches 40% of the time. But Jerry, I can’t let you get away that easily. K-Rod throws his fastball about 60% of the time, according to the general principles of being capable of doing math at a 1st grade level. Would anyone like to take a wild guess as to what K-Rod’s career fastball frequency is? C’mon, guess!

That’s right, it is 56.2%. 60 > 56.2 > Tebow, which would mean that K-Rod is actually relying on his fastball more, mostly due to the fact that he no longer throws his slide.

Two NL executives used the phrase “high-wire act” to describe Rodriguez. But he still averaged 9.92 strikeouts per nine innings this season, and his swing-and-miss rate was identical to his 2008 peak in Anaheim. He’s done an admirable job reinventing himself as a deception and location guy.

2008 SwStr% for K-Rod: 12.0%
Career SwStr% for K-Rod: 12.9%
Yes, his 2011 rate was 12.0%, equal to 2008, which also happened to not be his peak.

Also, being able to break the record for saves while posting your lowest SwStr rate should say something about saves.


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