Our first Jon Gruden post!

And Jon does not disappoint.

When talking about Matt Forte, Jon brings up the fact that Matt has something like 21 rushes for negative yardage. Then he goes on to explain something like he has never seen an elite back like Forte with so many negative rushes.

Oh? What’s that? You used google for 10 seconds to find an interesting tid bit about Barry Sanders? Do share…

According to Wikipedia, “Sanders also holds the NFL record for the most carries for negative yardage. According to the SI Book of Football, these numbers totaled 336 carries for -952 Yards.”

Just so you know, Jon, the Philadelphia Eagles, who have the best yards per carry average this year, are tied for the 4th most negative rushes. The Vikings, with the third highest YPC, are tied for the fifth most negative rushes.

And just so you don’t think I’m just nitpicking, Jon, I ran a correlation. And before you go all, wow, what a nerd, this guy spent four days trying to prove me wrong, it took like 4 minutes, Excel is your friend.

The trendline is negative. As in, downward sloping, as in, you are an idiot that makes generalizations about things you can’t bring yourself to confirm with facts.


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