Just another quick one…

Mike Pereira, who looks eerily similar to Joe Maddon in my humble opinion, has some expert analysis that we should all read. Most of that analysis being current reality television events.

We’re halfway through the NFL season and I’m not sure which is more surprising, the fact that San Francisco is 7-1 or that the 49ers’ new coach, Jim Harbaugh, got more face time Sunday on FOX than Kim Kardashian gets in her reality show.

Wow, Mike, a real L O fucking L there.

I’m not saying Harbaugh hasn’t done a great job, because he has. But he seems to protest more than those demonstrating in Occupy Wall Street.

Am I right? Seriously, this sounds like an opening of a really shitty comedy club. How many pop culture references can you fit in one piece?

The cameras found him on seemingly every penalty — and San Francisco was penalized nine times. I really can’t blame the director, because quite frankly, Harbaugh was good drama. Except, of course, for those who were officiating the game.

Of course. For those of you who took the under on 2.5, congratulations.

There were two interesting plays in this game that I wanted to point out, one happening near the end of each half:

–First half: San Francisco had the ball, fourth-and-1 at the Washington 11-yard line with 1:55 left in the second quarter. San Francisco led 10-0. The 49ers were called for a false start penalty, making it fourth-and-6 from the 16-yard line. The 49ers had to settle for a field goal.

MY TAKE: This was a false start. It was fourth-and-1 and we have seen teams make sudden shifts, just trying to draw the defense offside. We call this a “no play shift.” And you penalize the shifting team.

A shift of two or more players is legal as long as it is smooth and continuous. That was not the case here. That shift was solely done to draw a foul and the officials were alert to this action. That has been on a training tape to the officials before this game, and in my opinion, the crew got this right.

Now Mike, I watched the game, and it seemed rather fluid to me. However, that is not what irks me. What irks me is that you say, “a shift of two or more players is legal as long as it is smooth and continuous. That was not the case here.” Great, now tell me what it was, who wasn’t fluid? Who was at fault here? But you just say that it was solely done to draw a foul, which is pretty speculative on your part, maybe they really just wanted to shift, do you see the kind of wacky shit Harbaugh is using?

blah blah

After watching this game, here’s some advice for young Mr. Harbaugh: We’re only halfway through the season — take some deep breaths and enjoy the ride.

Harbaugh is like 47, Pereira can’t be that old… old enough to be calling him “young Mr. Harbaugh.” Stick to the Kardashians, Mike.

Anyway, that is all for now, I really just don’t like Gruden or Pereira, so I had to get this out there.


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