Football! Week 9, No one Trusts Tony Romo Edition

Week 9’s update of the limited vocabulary of the hosts of Sunday NFL Countdown, because no one knows what sport is played on Sundays.

Other Highlights:

Tom Jackson – Tony Romo indirectly lost the Patriots game because Jason Garret didn’t trust him.
Great analysis, Tom. Not only is that statement just utter non-sense, blaming Tony for indirectly allowing Tom Brady to manufacture a game winning drive, but Tony Romo averages 36 attempts per game this season, he had 41 in that game, I wouldn’t call that not trusting your quarterback.

Tom Jackson – Did the Raiders get Palmer from oh-five or oh-ten?
That is not how talking works, Tom.

Also, apparently Tom Jackson thinks every quarterback is a “system quarterback.” He called two different QB’s, I believe Palmer and Josh Freeman, system quarterbacks and kept bringing it up.

And another Tom Jackson!
Berman – What team do you think needs to win today?

Keep in mind, this is a simple question, all you really have to do is name one of the teams that is playing today, but Tom Jackson wants to change it up…

Jackson – I don’t think they have to win today…

That is no way to start an answer, Tom.

Until next week, keep throwing those footballs down the football field to the football receivers.


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