Just when you thought Gregg Doyel couldn’t get any stupider…

I just found this, and it is hilarious.

I’m sure Doyel is doing this as a joke, because he predicted all of the high end free agents to be signed by either the Yankess or the Red Sox, however, since this moron is paid to write and express his opinions about sports, I’m just going to have to assume he is taking this very seriously.

Let’s see, he has Jimmy Rollins and Jose Reyes signing with the Yankees. That will give them great depth at SS!
Fielder is also signing with the Yankees, presumably so he can platoon in RF with Swisher? Maybe he DH’s, Montero moves to SS, Jeter on the mound (clutchy), Rollins move to bullpen catcher, Martin stays at Catcher, Reyes becomes player-manager, all for about 6 trillion dollars.

I just think it is funny that there are so many unemployed people in the United States, yet Gregg Doyel is not one of them. He is proving to be almost too stupid to make fun of.

Keep up the great work, Greg! I’ll be sure to track how his predictions stand up.


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