In a perfect world your Golden Glove winners would be…

I was actually fairly impressed that a good amount of the winners were the top or very close to the top in UZR. Here are some of the few discrepancies:

Yadier Molina won the Golden Glove in the National League for catchers. By my expert estimation the best way to evaluate a catcher’s defense is throwing out baserunners. Molina threw out 29.23% of base stealers, a decent rate, but Miguel Montero threw out 40%. Blah blah blah world series blah blah blah.

Erick Aybar won as a SS in the American League while being very mediocre. Meanwhile, Alexei Ramirez had a UZR of 11.9, tops in baseball, and made 13 more plays out of his zone than Aybar.

Alex Gordon, while a very good defender in LF, was not close to Brett Gardner who was ridiculous with a UZR of 25.2. Gordon was second with 10.5.

Nick Markakis won the award for RF while actually being terrible. He had a UZR of -5, meanwhile, David Dejesus had a UZR of 10.1.

In an attempt to make Dodgers fans feel a little better about their team, the voters decided to hand out awards to two Dodgers that didn’t deserve it. Matt Kemp was pretty bad in CF, while Chris Young was nasty, and Andre Ethier was pretty good in RF, but not as good as Justin Upton or Jason Heyward.


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