Football! Week 8 Mid Season Standings

Time for the weekly update of the limited vocabulary of the Sunday NFL Countdown crew. If these guys learned a word other than “football,” we all might learn a thing or two.

Tom Jackson leading the way at the half way point with 73 uses of the word “football.” Way to go, Tom.

Tied in second place is Keyshawn Johnson and Coach Mike Ditka, who loves his “heckuva football players,” with 71 mentions.

Third place is Cris Carter, who may be the dumbest of all “analysts” and who half the time utters indistinguishable phrases, which could cause one to miss a “football” here an there.

Taking up the rear is Berman, who actually talks the most out of any of the “analysts,” but other than his league high 19 mentions in Week 5, a tribute filled week to Al Davis, Berman really doesn’t use the term that much.

So way to go, guys, keep throwing those footballs, catching those footballs, playing good football, and playing football on the football field.

Also worth a mention, Mark Schlereth is easily the worst when it comes to saying “football,” with Merrill Hoge not far behind. The only thing is, Hoge at the very least gives off a semi-intelligent demeanor. If you watch any segment with Mark Schlereth, you are guaranteed to hear “football” at least 5 times along with my favorite quote, “the further you are away from the ‘football,’ the less you know.”


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