Football! Week 7 Tim Te-blows Edition

Week 7’s update of how often the hosts of Sunday NFL Countdown needlessly say the word, “football.”

Other Highlights:

Tom Jackson says that if Philip Rivers wants a big play, he’ll go after Antonio Rodgers because Antonio is having trouble moving side to side… Or maybe, just maybe, his other option is to get a big play against THE BEST CORNERBACK IN THE NFL.

Does anyone actually watch “Stop It!”? It is one of the stupider gimmicks on Countdown, and that is saying something.

Apparently Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton play on different teams. All the hosts keep talking about how this is the worst team Tim Tebow has been a part of in his career. Heaven forbid someone points out that Kyle Orton had to play on the same piece of crap team that Tebow is about to run further into the ground.

Bill Parcells – They (Oakland) gave up almost their entire first round next year.
I’d say by trading away their only first round draft pick in 2012, the Raiders absolutely gave up their entire first round next year.

Keyshawn when talking about Tim Tebow – “It’s going to be tough to win when you can’t hit the side of a bus.”
Full disclosure, I wouldn’t normally watch Countdown, I only do it for this post, but Keyshawn is actually funny and clearly thinks before he speaks more often than the other morons.


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