Sportscenter Lowlights 10/19 – Herm Edwards love the word “football”

If only i had a pitch counter that went out an extra digit, then I might have been able to count how many times Herm said “football” this morning.

However, Herm did make sense on this one…
“He (Carson Palmer) is someone that can throw down the football field.”

Now, normally, this is something that I would be all over. For example, no shit he throws it down the football field, because he plays football, a sport which is played with a football, on a field that has specific dimensions only to be used for football.

However, the Raiders play their home games at stadium, or whatever it is these days, which they share with the A’s, so… it doubles as a baseball field! Way to go, Herm! You saved everyone from thinking that Palmer was going to step on the mound and throw the “football” towards home plate.


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