Football! Week 6, the “I’m not a big numbers guy” edition.

And now it’s time for the Week 6 update of the limited vocabulary of the hosts of Sunday NFL Countdown, also known as, how many times Boom, TJ, Key, CC, and Ditka say “football” unnecessarily.

A new graph this week, which I feel is more efficient in conveying the data.

Berman with another strong week. Also, when talking about the breakout performers, I’m almost certain that Ditka always mentions that the player he chooses is a great “football” player.

Other highlights:

1. Tom Jackson – “I’m not a big numbers guy.”
That’s good, because it’s not like your title is an analyst for a sport with many readily available statistics.

2. “Eagles Offseason Moves:
Vince Young – 0 Games Played”
No kidding, he is the backup quarterback who was injured for the first 4 weeks of the seaon…

3. After Berman distinctly  says that the Eagles lead the league in turnovers:
Bill Parcells – “Well, they lead the league in turnovers, as you alluded to…”


verb (used without object), -lud·ed, -lud·ing.

1. to refer casually or indirectly; make an allusion  (usually followed by to ): He often alluded to his poverty.

4. Tom Jackson on the Eagles linebackers – “They don’t know how to play football.”
I’m not sure about that, Tom. They play in the National Football League, as I’m sure you are aware, so I feel like they might know how to play Football!

5. Cris Carter – “Romo has the clutch gene”
Oy vey.


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