John Kruk has a problem with beer drinking Red Sox

John Kruk was not happy to hear that Lester, Beckett and Lackey were drinking beer and eating fried chicken.

“It’s a absolutely ridiculous…If I was the starting pitcher that day, and your three other guys that are in your rotation with you, and that’s the support you’re getting from them, why would you want to be their teammate? How could you not say anything?”

Now, the story detailing the Red Sox collapse could be completely made up, partially made up, or completely true, regardless, thank god John Kruk is weighing in.

Oh, what’s that? A little piece of IMDB trivia on John Kruk? Do tell!

(John Kruk) Traded his uniform number 28 to new teammate Mitch Williams in 1991 for $10 and two cases of beer, shortly after a Toronto Blue Jay asked his new teammate for $25,000 to trade numbers.

John Kruk aka The Negotiator


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