Sportscenter Morning Highlights 10/6/11

Technically it wasn’t on Sportscenter, but on Mike and Mike, Mark Schlereth said that Randy Moss checked out on his teams, but T.O. never has. Apparently Mark Schlereth was in a coma during the 2005 season. Sure T.O. was suspended by the Eagles, but he did everything an athlete could to “checkout.” Or how about in his final years with the 49ers when his agent supposedly missed the deadline to void his final years of Owens’ contract, only to have T.O. file a grievance against his team and get himself traded to the Eagles.

Adam Schefter, when talking about T.O. said “Terrell” 8 times in a minute and fifteen seconds. Not to be “that guy” that only counts how many times people say the same word over and over, but seriously, 8 times, over 1 per 10 seconds. I do like Schefter and he is actually tolerable on the network, but no one is safe.

Herm Edwards does not appreciate the length of the series in the MLB playoffs. His proposed format is 3-3-3. The playoff series length is short enough as it is, but Herm Edwards, better known for being an utter retard and offering no valid analysis about football, believes that a sport with a 162 game schedule should come down to a few 3 games series.


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