NFL countdown features a few individuals with very limited vocabularies. In between every useless “special” feature, Boom, TJ, Keyshawn, Chris Carter, and Mike Ditka have a competition to see who can say the word “football” the most. Let’s check this week’s results.

Tom Jackson delivered big time and Ditka had a late charge to overtake Chris Carter.

The low totals can be attributed to a few different factors:

The lockout
Ochocinco’s tweets
2 hours of ball washing Cam Newton
The fact that I felt like making breakfast

Just a little instruction on how the game is played:

Saying “Sunday Night Football” or the name of another show does not count.

Common phrases include –
He’s a great football player.
He just knows how to run the football.
This is a good football team.
The National Football League.

The worst of all: The New York Football Giants.
No shit! There hasn’t been another Giants team in New York since 1957.

We know what fucking sport your talking about, you’re show is called Sunday NFL countdown. No one watches your show for updates on the Red Sox playoff chase, retards.


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