Tim Hasselbeck – Moron

Tim Hasselbeck, an extremely good analyst for ESPN (read: god awfull), was asked to name an NFL player that would have a good performance this weekend. He prefaced his pick by saying that he was going to go a little out of the box, but holy crap, was that an understatement.

Tim’s choice: Danny Amendola.


For everyone’s information, Danny Amendola is a slot wide receiver on the St. Louis Football Rams, a team that happens to be playing the Eagles this weekend, you know the Eagles that were 11th in the league last year against the Pass, and then proceeded to add Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers Cromartie. Tim brings up the good point that Rodgers-Cromartie, who will be playing the slot corner back position, has never played there before, but even that doesn’t warrant the 9+ catches and the act of “shredding the Eagles defense” that Tim predicts.

Would anyone like to guess how many times Danny Amendola has caught 9+ passes in his career? Once. Yes, once, against the Detroit Lions in 2010. For the season he had 85 catches and fewer than 700 yards and worked with Sam Bradford, who had the second worst NY/A. Those stats just reak of someone about to shred the Eagles defense.

Yes, Josh McDaniels, brings a more down the field approach to the Rams than did Pat Shurmur, but you could probably pick any WR not on the Rams out of a hat, and get better production.

Tim Hasselbeck, you, sir, are a moron.


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